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Horoscope Sign Characterization

Aquarius Horoscope

Native Aquarius is imaginative, has many good ideas that it seeks to promote and unpredictable. Adept of reforming solutions, often thinking with your heart. Sometimes it is cold and distant.
Aquarius is not a common man. It is the original full of vivacity, active and fascinating. With it you can not bother. It attracted by the mystery side, even mystical. He likes everything that is old, mysterious and indecipherable. It is a progressive. He likes the miracle of science and believes that the future has already begun. Rate modernism and progress.
It is characterized by a desire for change and renewal. The power of work, creative power are often accompanied by artistic inspiration, but often comes physical or mental fatigue.
Although Aquarius is individualistic, likes to shine in society. Working with self-sacrifice to build personal relationships and social harmony. Sometimes, generates tension and instability. It is an eccentric full of Cool.
Contradictory way of thinking, it sometimes makes the wrong decision and he exaggerates. Can often be unfair. Find difficult balance. Anarchic attitude.

Pisces Horoscope

Friendly and understanding, native of Pisces is a dreamer. Complex and comfort lover, his idealism or implied to be practical. Being very impressed, so much evidence of generosity, even pushed up the spirit of sacrifice.
Although ideas are often different from those of people, Fishes are modest and socially. They have much humor and joy spread around them. Intuition native of Pisces makes it to generate sympathy, especially from the older. It is often contradictory. Dominated by intense emotions and nervousness, often in reaching the threshold of exhaustion.
Fantasy rich push him to brown. He is honest, full of compassion and understanding. Although can easily get out of critical situations, inclination by the bad entourage can create inconvenience. He is a very good collaborator and fulfills its obligations with conscientiousness. Not like to order and truly recognize their weaknesses.
Sometimes the Pisces are too secretive and withdrawn and they worry unnecessary. States tense and exaggerated claims of offs and we get tired. Think with your heart and often can take hasty decisions. Often varies between optimism and pessimism, between and niggardliness waste, between courage and cowardice.

Aries Horoscope

Impetuous and entrepreneurial, their native Aries follow only their own beliefs. Although generous, it is often stubborn and hardheaded. It's cheery and full of enthusiasm for what is new. He has many ideas you want to put into practice.
Aries likes action and is full of desire for improvement. He hurry, do not have time to wait. He wants everything immediately. Do not be afraid of failure and do not accept. He is in great need of stability, especially in the sentimental field. Sometimes it is not social and communication suffers. Is not easily adaptable, but you can count on him.
Not like ambiguous situations, not like elections. An Aries wants everything to be clear. The decisions are clear. It is rational, like power, wants to drive and has the necessary qualities. He is pragmatic and has technical skills. He is in great need of support.
Aries can become cantankerous, even brutal. Daring to reach the often uncontrolled anger. He is a recalcitrant subordinate and uncomfortable. Forward he starts doing more work and not finish. Irrepressible, risk of leaving dragged in unwanted adventure. He do not know to stop when you need him.

Taurus Horoscope

Native Taurus think pragmatically. He likes very much material welfare and comfort. He knows the limits, is patient and enduring. He loves order and is objective.
Although the pleasures of love, not ever mix with obligations. Taurus is great lover of music and, generally, art. In love has the tendency to become too possessive and too suspicious. Jealousy is a common defect. He is in great need of stability affected. Rather small but secure income. His ambitions are generally realistic.
Taurus is natural and devoid of complications. His ideas are practical and efficient. Heart, is sociable and has a sense of humor. He needs stability and security. To him, ownership is a fundamental notion, even if it's not his assets.
A Taurus is dominated by convenience and often luxurious, but the stubbornness. Or reckless disputes are. He is capable of violent reactions. Failures give bad. Family support is very important.
Taurus native is tough and inflexible. His prejudices are unwavering. State of mind is crucial. One's temper can become a desideratum untouchable because of its grain conflict. He is a good friend but also a feared enemy.

Gemini Horoscope

Native of Gemini is sensitive and socially. His ideas are constructive, but loves the changes, and is often vague. Often depend on others, but this does not affect him. He adapts easily, it is curious, interested in absolutely any kind of things. Twins have the innate qualities of negotiation and mediation.
Although they have an unpredictable behavior, the careful watch much inconvenience. Sometimes varies between trust and mistrust. Mess sometimes prevents the interior to take wise decisions.
Social native Gemini search light Standing side of life. He is an exceptional man, out of the ordinary. Actively and creatively, with him you can not bother.
The attitude was often criticized, it only rarely unbearable. Diplomatic talent and expression in easily enable it to achieve success in many areas. Intelligence and intuition him serve the time.
His exceptional qualities can lead to superficiality. Expressing negligence can often injure or misinform. Depending on the situation of native Gemini is oriented as knock the wind. Behavior is based on the state of mind. For this reason, sometimes it is pending. There is very orderly and unchanging.
Temper or blood and cause the most common defects: lack of concentration and superficiality. Native of Gemini are often practicing lie, even in an innocent. Often do not have time to explain what he wants and take extreme attitudes.

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer native is calm and meditative. Endowed with a lot of imagination, needs a lot safe. Family is important and can give the climate necessary. It is keen on peace and harmony.
Gentle, gracious, full of fantasy, is dominated by feelings. In his moments of optimism, crabwise is a very nice person. Loving nature, he has many friends. Behavior is always right.
Intuition would help in many cases. Recognizing the social and likes it motivates them, like Praises. Creativity is more artistic type. Cancer native likes to give a hand to protect, to make worried about people.
Although it is not a pragmatic, crabwise is very effective, especially in the long term, when work on his initiatives. His decisions are often unexpected, sometimes even spectacular.
Fantasy is not to prevent social compliance with the relevant Conventions, is disciplined, even if it feels restricted. He is easily offended, irritable and sometimes rancorous.


Leo Horoscope

Leo native is aware of its value and is concerned that the merits to be recognized by people. He likes to get points, to be above all. Feels an acute need for respect. It is very confident in their own forces. Pride was sometimes excessive, is always accompanied by generosity.
He has a noble nature. Like the Lion King, he is as magnanimous, ambitious and creative. Take the easy decisions, which must be followed by everyone. It is very energetic. Although many are devoted friends, not only rarely listen to advice.
Leo likes to be in the spotlight. She loves theater. Often organize their entrances effect. He is an innate leader. Knows how to make listened, and its authority is recognized naturally. He is obsessed with social recognition, he concerns his own image and wants very much success.
Native of Leo may seem arrogant or selfish, because of his aristocratic attitude. Vanity is the main enemy. Thus may lose the sympathy around, which is so dear.
The family tends to impose and, in excessive, the point of view, becoming a true master. Leo feelings are a very powerful and can lead to excesses.

Virgo Horoscope

Native Virgo is hardworking and humble, with a pronounced sense of duty. He is serious and very honest. Not like to cheat or be cheated, even in jest. Objective, with a sharp critical spirit and a great analytical capacity, can have success in the technical, scientific or criticism.
Virgo is often animated enthusiasm, but one accompanied by calculation of rationality. Although meditation is a cerebral man, loves the study. He is often meticulous, very attentive to details. Attitude to determine the critical born to act properly, with care. It is respectful and understanding. Although valuable insights are sometimes not rely on them. Yes valuable advice and we appreciate those received. Very good communication.
Virgo loves nature, social harmony and appreciate the simple life. Not like situations unclear or terrible ideas, although he is often original. Patient and persevering, rather than working hard to leave trained in adventures and speculations. He planned action in advance, avoiding critical situations. He likes order, punctuality. Virgo has pedagogic talent. It is economical, not clenched.
Hyperbolic critical spirit makes it vague and could miss many opportunities in life. Virgo varies between pessimism and optimism, between elation and depression. Native of Virgo are often capricious. He is not an open hart, easy to decipher. Sometimes he is vain and react negatively when the offense is self-conceit. Sometimes discontent and criticism are overly powerful.

Libra Horoscope

Under the sign of balance, Libra native is charming in society and very good diplomat. Man of positive compromise, is a great generator of social harmony. Nothing makes him happier than solving a delicate situation.
Noble, Libra not feeling well but surrounded by people. He needs entourage to display his talents. He is a good mediator and likes to work for peace and understanding.
Although sentimental, loving and generous, Libra is rational. He knows very well to make a balance between intuition and rationality. Often he is surprising, but everything we do, mostly, is part of a plan long term.
For Libra, maintaining balance is the most important thing in life. Born diplomat, has a perfect behavior in society. Flexible and much refinement, loves the arts: painting and music. If you have talent can become a great artist. He likes the luxury and live a comfortable life. He understands and, generally, is well understood by others.
Libra is rather passive, more and react less acting. Role is to correct. Excessive luxury can become a flaw that can cost you very much. Vanity and ambition can do a lot worse. More discipline not do anything wrong.

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio native is courageous, energetic and determined. It is curious and interested in everything that is unknown and mysterious. A powerful and often refined, it becomes fascinating. He is individualistic and appreciates solitude.
For Scorpio, self-respect is very important. Often driven by feelings, is distinguished by perseverance. He loves not dreams. Always knows what he wants and pursues his goals with great tenacity. His instinct for preservation is the strongest. He is intuitive rather than rational.
Scorpio is attracted by the mystical side of existence. He concerns the issue of life and death. He is a valuable friend, but also a mortal enemy. The company often goes unnoticed, but who neglect you 're wrong. Who bothers him not escape unpunished. It is very vindictive. Stubborn and aggressive, are often revenge for the inconvenience minor.
He is often surprising. Wait a lot of patience auspicious occasion of its goals and then act lightning. There is no way of understanding for the mistakes of others.
Man of contrasts, is in permanent tension. Decided to transform often even in partisanship. Life is a succession of great achievements or resounding failure.
A Scorpio does not trust anybody, and therefore has a hidden mind. The practice often slyly. Distrust was almost pathological, makes it painfully envious and jealous. When his ambitions are unrealistic, all they can even affect health.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Native of Sagittarius is lenient and tolerant. Dynamic and flexible, always ready for action, adventure and travel appreciates. He is an open mind for new and unusual. Free Spirit, reformer, is almost exclusively guide the ideals, but appreciates and comfort.
Cheery and optimistic, Sagittarius is living life fully. No independent can not live. Sometimes give evidence of excess zeal. Although has organizing an exceptional talent, is based less on rationality and more on intuition.
A Sagittarius is a man of principles. Truth and justice are very important. Honor to be exemplary. Passions are sports and nature. Think with your heart, although his ideas are not lacking efficiency. Rate much sincerity.
With sometimes contradictory feelings and exaggerated self-conceit can be easily offended. He is not modest. Exaggerated optimism can lead to risky speculations. It is easily fooled. Often exaggerated, Sagittarius is sometimes arrogant, capricious and difficult to bear.

Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn native is dedicated debt. Discipline, seriousness and practical spirit can ensure success, provided you consider fair. Although mostly intuitive, is strongly anchored in reality. Pragmatism is often taken to the extreme. Sometimes give evidence of excessive rigor.
Capricorn has no time for non-essential things. Full of ambition, is dominated by a desire to lead and manage. Often show an aggressive attitude or even defiant. He needs a lot of understanding and support.
Capricorn loyalty is absolute. He is a man who does not leave you a lot. Right and persevering, seeking safety and avoid experiments. Practical and economic, are skills for technical and administration. Sometimes it can become a miser. Only wisdom can ensure balance.
He is stubborn and sometimes selfish. Although no confidence in themselves and in others. Due to the lack of confidence is withdrawn and lonely, even in the middle of society. Often found in blood, argue major risk of minor reasons.


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